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Here Are Some of Our Services

3D design

We provide our customers with interior and exterior 3D decoration design services, and we have extensive experience and previous work in this field in various models and types. Examples of some of our work can be viewed HERE


RAWAJ AL-ITQAN has a branch specialized in landscaping projects starting from the preparation of drawings and specifications of the works as well as construction works for landscaping works, including the preparation and construction works, civil works for roads and corridors, replacement and renovation of old gardens, irrigation systems, electrical works and external lighting works.


RAWAJ AL-ITQAN provides a wide range of services in interior and exterior decorations and finishing works, in which rawaj al-itqan has a large history of works (villas, palaces, fine restaurants, commercial buildings), which depends mainly on the expertise and merit of experienced staff to achieve degrees a high level of professionalism to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, which is the first criterion for the success of the institution


RAWAJ AL ITQAN has a group of engineers and technicians with experience in the implementation of electrical work for small and medium-sized projects (for residential and commercial buildings), and always strive to maintain our reputation through our commitment to provide services that we can accomplish and trust in our cadres and the efficiency of their work is limitless. Some pictures of our work can be viewed Here


RAWAJ AL-ITQAN is one of the distinguished companies in the field of construction works, consultancy and project management, which seeks to provide a modern and sophisticated vision in the field of contracting through the introduction of new solutions and ideas for a distinctive real estate product in which the latest techniques and methods of construction are applied and rely mainly on experience. the competence of experienced staff in achieving high degrees of professionalism in order to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, which is the first criterion for the success of the company.

Our Features

Cost Accounting

We Study and analyze your project and inform you with its total cost for a Competitive and low price.
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Free Architectural Design

You can gain a Free Architectural Design from our experienced Engineers when you make a Deal with us

Free Consultation

New clients recieve an obligation free consultation and solutions' Ideas.
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All over KSA

We work in projects all over the KSA


Some of Our Works

Private Villa

Finishing Works

Institution Head Office

Interior decorations

Almajed Shop


Jonquil Clothes Shop


Private Villa 2

Interior and exterior decorations, Electromechanical and Finishing Works

Institution Head Office

Interior decorations

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Rawaj Al-Itqan was established in 2012. The establishment has grown steadily with frequently success for the completion of various projects, so that it formed a stable financial base and staff with highly experienced and knowledgeable with the strict requirements for different projects, where the team acquired many years of experience participation in large-scale projects

Our Mission

Rawaj Al-Itqan Est. is committed to providing a High quality level of services and products according to quality standards Rawaj Al-Itqan Est works to satisfy its Customers and meet their needs. Rawaj Al-Itqan Est. firmly believes that the process of development of companies is linked with their human resources. Rawaj Al-Itqan Est. promotes its employees to get the highest positions depending on their qualifications and careful management policy. Rawaj Al-Itqan Est. aims to expand the current activities and opening new activities Rawaj Al-Itqan Est. is doing its utmost to provide a variety of construction services as main contractor or sub-contractor Rawaj Al-Itqan Est. provides solutions to business requirements to be the leading organization in Quality and Punctuality in business delivery and integrity and work ethic to achieve absolute customer satisfacion.s

Our Vision

Rawaj AlItqan Est. looks forward to becoming one of the leading facilities on the level of Construction & Trading Companies in Saudi Arabia, and also seeking to open more fields and activities which are related to the construction sector.

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